About Susan

Fitness has been a full-time obsession for me since  the 1980s.  I would do sit ups in my room instead of playing with dolls and am responsible for 100% of the tape stretch on my mom’s Jane Fonda VHS.  Through middle and high school, she would take me to LA Fitness before and after school so that I could lift weights and do my homework on the stairmaster.  Remember, it is only recently that the more is better mentality with exercise has been called into question.  We both thought I was just trying to be healthy.  In the meantime, I ate soft pretzels, bagels, and soda at school because it was fat free.  I wasn’t fat, but I was always soft despite hours of working out and maintaining a fat free diet for years.  It is no wonder school was hard for me.  I lived with constant brain fog and exhaustion.

It wasn’t until college that I experimented with other ways of eating.  A woman I worked with was getting very conspicuously skinny.  After I pressed her for her secret, she said that she was on this really high fat diet called Atkin’s.  I told her to have fun being skinny because she was going to have a heart attack in about  ten minutes.  But, what the heck, heart attacks were far away and I wanted to be skinny too.  She gave me Dr. Atkin’s book, which I read from cover-to-cover and even paid for scheduled phone call appointments from his nurses.  I learned that I would be preventing a heart attack by eating this way and would be able to lose or maintain my weight.

Since 1999 I have been high fat low carb.  My brain fog immediately went away and I was able to maintain straight As through college even with a 30 hour/week job and an active social life.  The only thing to change about my diet since then is that I no longer eat bars or faux food.  I’ve always been into anthropology and use evolution to explain everything to an absurd extent.  Because of this, I couldn’t see continuing to eat bars, protein puddings, shakes, or nut flour desserts as I went on into adulthood.  We just weren’t designed to eat those things.  Since 2005 I’ve been eating real food that I put together myself.  Paleo before paleo was cool.

I no longer live on the stairmaster and have learned the value of lifting, lowering, pushing, and pulling heavy weights a few times then leaving the gym and enjoying my family.

This blog is about self-experimentation and continually discovering what works best for me, hence the name N Equals One.  I’m a full time teacher and have been a senior sales representative as well as business owner.  Articles along those lines will sneak in every once in awhile.  We can’t help it.  we’re multifaceted creatures.

In a nutshell

Mom of One, wife of one (:

Loves lifting, rowing, barre, bootcamps, painting, philosophy, and metal (yes, that metal)

Proselytizer of clean eating

Devourer of podcasts

Avid self-experimenter

EA Party Redwood Shores, CA.