Easing back in to Intermittent Fasting

Keeping a four hour eating window comes easily during the teaching year.  My classroom smells like feet and I (to my own detriment) rebelled against paying the school $60 to plug in my mini-fridge; so, I had no way to keep a small stock of cold food in my class.  Further, the microwave was about 1/4 of a mile away in the teacher’s lounge.  Eh, I had lunch duty anyway.  So, not eating until dinner was not a problem.

My house has always been a place where I can exert some control by only bringing in food that I would be okay with my family eating. But I have no skills when it comes to portion control or avoiding yummy foods.  My only plan is to not bring it into the home.  So, as you can imagine, everything fell apart when the baking fairy arrived in our home.

My mom brought her magic into my kitchen in early June.  Oh my, she makes the best pancakes with fried, crispy edgesMomsPancakes2017 and under-cooked centers.  Her black magic also extends to amazing lemon bars and Harry Potter-themed birthday cupcakes.  Keep in mind, my mom abstains from eating sweets.  She just likes to watch everyone else happily devour her creations.  Why can’t I have both of those skills?

In any case, I quickly went from 146 lbs (yes, I just put my weight on the internet) to 157.  And that was weeks ago!  Since then I promised to stop looking until I felt like I had regained some control over my habits.

I should also note that while she was here, I was teaching about seven hours per week of group fitness class.  Three hours were pure, old-school aerobics (I was filling in for another teacher).  Still, eleven pounds and counting.  That’ll teach you that it is 99% diet.

Mom has since gone home, but I have not regained my self-control.  I wake up hungry and am enticed by every prospect of both the sweet and savory variety all day.

A few options have crossed my mind in order to steer myself back on track, but most of them seem like they would leave a bad impression my daughter.  Here’s my plan for now:  Low-sugar liquids until dinner, then a wholesome delicious dinner of real food with my family.  I’m not going to be serving mac n’ cheese, but I’m also not going to restrict carbs ….for now.   I’m even going to have wine with dinner and a little dessert.

Here’s what’s on the menu tonight:

Butternut squash “pasta” with butter and spices
Quinoa-stuffed portobello mushrooms
Stuffed salmon
Celery with pimento dip (appetizer while cooking)
1 glass of red wine

Dessert (Yes, dessert!!)
Share the following:

1 ramekin of organic trail mix with cinnamon almonds
1 ramekin of  pistachios in shells

Now that I read that, I see it’s a lot of food.  I probably won’t loose my baking fairy weight by doing this.  At least I will be setting myself up to be able to avoid food until dinner by giving myself something to look forward to.

In any case, I’ll let you know how it goes.   I’m hoping to get back to the austerity that was this:

Eating clean lunches for the week: almonds and boiled eggs.  



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