What the kids are eating.

Last year was rough.  I had a no-food rule in my classroom to keep down the Taki dust, floor mess, and the food mafia (a cartel that develops in the class around the buying, selling, and general harassment for someone’s junk food).  Kids would sugar crash or sneak food, putting them on the wrong side of the law with me.  This year, I wanted one less thing to police;  so, I let them eat food.  Their behavior is so much better if they have a constant stream of munchies into their mouth.  Being good sports, my first period class let me document what they were eating.  I promised to omit all faces.  Yes, yes, there is a ten minute time span before first starts; so, I had a little time to take pictures before we officially began.  Did you know that your kids were spending your money on this? Enjoy!


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