Treadmill Desk!!

My husband is awesome.

After whining about all the sitting involved with blogging and grading papers, my husband bought me a treadmill and assembled a super-sturdy work surface for it.

First, the treadmill.  There are really expensive treadmills out there.  This is not one of them.  We bought the Xterra from Academy Sports for just a few hundred dollars.  Under $400 I believe.

Next we went to Guitar Center and bought two drum rack clamps from the drum section because a drum rack is 1/2 and the mounting bar on my treadmill is 1/2.  Personally, I would have no idea where to source this type of thing.  Drumming since he was a little kid, my husband knew that these clamps are meant to hold steady while you bang the crap out of a cymbal.  Further, they don’t damage the surface and are super fast to take down.  So, if I want to run some sprints, it takes two twists on the clamps and the whole desk comes off, but not apart.  20170116_075050.jpg

After Guitar Center, we went to Home Depot and bought four lengths of 12 inch long 1/2 wide galvanized steel pipe, two elbow connectors, and flat surface mounts that attach the pipe to the shelf.  I was walking on the treadmill and typing about 15 minutes after we arrived home.




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